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WHEN: Sept. 8 at 3 pm ET

WHERE: The Comfort of Your Own Home

PRICE: $997 $9.97

Labor Day is a chance to celebrate the contributions and achievements of the Great American Worker.

But on September 8 at 3 pm Eastern, Josh Martinez is going to reveal 10 “right now” trade opportunities that can PUT YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY TO WORK FOR YOU!

That’s right — in honor and celebration of Labor Day, Josh is going to share with you 10 high-potential trade setups for less than $10… 

For a combined opportunity at 17,552 ticks worth of movement, which equals $129,765 in total profit potential!

Spots are extremely limited — secure yours before they’re gone!

Join Josh for this two-hour event to access… 

  • 10 high-potential, “right now” trade setups in the highly lucrative Futures market
  • E-book with fully detailed action plans of the 10 opportunities covered by Josh, including the entries, stops, and limits along with written trade analyses
  • Clickable link to Josh’s charts and work spaces with done-for-you analysis
  • Trade tracker for tracking all 10 ideas as they unfold
  • Futures trading foundation lessons
  • Full event recording (there will be NO replays — you must attend the live event to access the recording!)
  • Plus much, much more!

In other words… 

You’ll come away from this event with TEN copy-and-paste trade plans and “right now” opportunities you can put to work IMMEDIATELY… 

To help you potentially capture up to $129,765 in total profit potential with minimal upfront investment in the highly lucrative futures market.*

Josh is doing ALL the heavy lifting for you…  

All you have to do is show up, and discover how easily you can make your money start working for you!

At $997, an event of this size, scope and VALUE would be an absolute steal.

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Spots are extremely limited — secure yours before they’re gone!

*$129,765 in total profit potential when trading a full contract or E-mini contract, depending on the futures symbol being traded. Margin requirements vary depending on the futures symbol being traded. Most of the opportunities being shared by Josh can be traded with as little as a $500 initial investment.